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My Scribbler Story

I first started thinking about writing a book when I was about 12 years old. I’ve always had a close relationship with writing because I simply enjoyed it. At school, compositions and essays were my favorite. I wrote numerous romantic letters to boys. When I was feeling blue, I wrote everything down to make myself feel better. And it worked. When I was feeling good, I wrote about my feelings and my experiences. I also used to plan a lot and just wrote down I anything and everything. I wasn’t really an avid reader. I probably read about 50 books when during my childhood and my adolescence. Especially about French realism, Harry Potter, a few autobiographical books from American presidents, and one suspenseful psycho thriller which I cannot find anywhere nowadays. Maybe someone will later help me find it. When I was in high school I used to write into a biweekly magazine where I wrote about the school life. Later I also became editor in chief of a school magazine. When I wasn’t writing, I was living my life to the fullest. I made a lot of stupid decisions, but that’s life as well.

When I was 18 and moved from a small town to Prague, I got a lot of inspiration and created my first book Ex-post. I added my already finished poems, stories and essays. That’s how a book about 123 poems of sin and unrequited love were created, 123 poems of correction and divine affection, 7 stories of sin, 7 stories of correction, and correspondence with a priest where we talked about what is right and wrong. By that time I was really into Christianity, and even had myself christened and baptized. In the book there’s an extreme contracts between a mind of a sinful woman longing for love and a woman celebrating God’s love. I was ready to publish it but then one man got afraid of the consequences and after some pressure I gave up, so right now I have it hidden just for me. I was also a freelance journalist and wrote for some private publishers and magazines. I became a member of Czech Writers Union.

I graduated from School of International and Public Relations in Prague, my field of study was Public Relations. I keep perfecting myself in this field and I enjoy it very much. Whilst pregnant, I wrote a provocative novel Stripper from Wenceslas Square. I sent out a couple e-mails so I could get it published but then I decided to set it aside and focus on my newborn baby girl. After all, I also figured that the book needs a few edits in order for me to be fully satisfied with it. Later I also wrote a funny guide Manual for Strippers aka Kiyosaki for dancers, what to do in order to increase their profits. I also have it in English. I haven’t tried to publish it just yet.

During my family trips across the States I was inspired to write another book, in fact a trilogy of the Big Apple. That was a true break for me because I finally realised that writing is a gift for me which fulfils me with happiness so I decided to make it a bit more than just a hobby. I want to be a writer that sets a story after story. It is not about money, it is about my personal feeling that I pass something forward. In november 2019 I finally managed to get the first part, The Big Apple Strippers, published. This book is my first book baby and that’s why I was so happy to hear all the positive feedback. I also have it in English and I’m currently looking for a literary agent for the foreign market, ideally the USA. I also received feedback on my English manuscript from the writers of The Bestseller Code and received 4 stars out of 5 which I consider a great start. I also attended a Great Course of Creative Writing (PR, fiction writing, screenwriting) at Markéta Dočekalová’s School of Creative Writing. By the following year I extended my studies by Creative Workshops. I enjoy meeting people who write and love books as much as I do.

This year, in June 2020 to be exact, my cynical comedy Mad Moms comes out. My literature is lighthearted and meant especially for women and for fun, excitement, and recreation. In September 2020, you can look forward to the second part of the provocative trilogy The Big Apple Dreamers. We will make a smooth move from erotica into action. I am currently working on the last chapter, The Big Apple Crashers. If everything goes according to plan, it could hit the shelves by summer 2021. 

Anyway, I enjoy writing and this year I will attend Creative Workshop again. Again and again – I enjoy it. After the trilogy I will dive into writing psychological thrillers. I will write and write until I turn grey. I have a creative soul, I need to create and live by what makes me happy.

Have a lovely day full of reading!

Alexandra K. Veliká


More about me:

🍎 Date of birth: October 6th 1991

🍎 Zodiac: Libra (Chinese – goat)

🍎 Relationship status: In a relationship

🍎 Literary direction: Literary novels, novels for women, psycho thrillers

🍎 Motto: Do not do anything that does not make you happy.

🍎 Advise for future writers: Be patient.

🍎 Favorite authors: Gillian Flynn, J. P. Delaney, Caroline Kepnes, Shari Lapena, Petra Dvořáková, J. K. Rowling, Stephen King, E. L. James…

Do you have any questions?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/iamalexandravelika/


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