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About Me

I graduated from Public Relations at the School of International and Public Relations in Prague. I continue to improve in specialization of Public Relations. I am enrolled in the Great Creative Writing Course (journalism, writing Fiction, screenwriting) at the School of Creative Writing by screenwriter Markéta Dočekalová. I am a member of the Union of Czech Writers. I write the articles as an freelance editor.

Now I put my energy into creating a trilogy – The Big Apple Strippers. This is a literary novel focused mainly on women. I have written several works, and I will consider publishing them after a short adjustment. I want to enter the market with the already mentioned trilogy. I like a provocative romance that will give the readers excitement, fun and relaxation. That’s what you can expect from my books.

All the Best and nice positive day,

Alexandra Veliká.


Info about Alexandra Veliká:

🍎  Christened: Konstatýna

🍎  Confirmed: Václava

🍎  Date of birth: October 6th, 1991

🍎  Zodiac: Libra

🍎 Status: In relationship

🍎  Literary direction: Literary novels for women, plans for the future – thrillers

🍎  Motto: Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.



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