Alexandra K. Velika




I’m sitting on a terrace, looking at the Prague at night and circling a glass of red wine. It’s
not so long that I was sitting here with her. With the girl who was both close and stranger to
me. For a moment I am considering not to start thinking like that. It is not the best idea. So
of course I’ll do it…
After 3 years of living together me and my boyfriend have decided to split up. It hadn’t been
working out for long and it had been clear that that was the best decision we could make.
Nothing could split us apart, not the everyday or unusual problems, not even infidelity. What
caught up on us was the stereotype and the fact that we had nothing to discover in each other
anymore. We knew everything about each other, we even knew what the other’s thinking
about, the words that they were gonna say as well as the ones they would keep for
themselves. It was frustrating and we didn’t appreciate it. Now I’m alone. I barely have any
friends. I would always prefer to spend my free time with my boyfriend. I don’t have
anybody to complain to about life, myself or my ex. Who would understand? Yes, it’s here
again. The thought of her. She was so like me.
Markéta had been fooling around with my man. Their phony relationship had been going on
for almost a year. Then I found out and he told me that he loves both of us. Is it even
possible? To love two people at once? He wanted us to all live together. What a nonsense.
How would a life in a triangle work? Thanks to my intrigue he introduced us. And yes. She’s
fabulous. Her and I are magnificent puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. She’s the only
one who understands why I’m in love with such womanizer and a pathological liar. It might
be the inability of my friends to understand that which led to their elimination from my life.
Markéta, however, lived through it and understands what it’s like. She also fell for Filip.
And of course I was jealous. I was risking a lot. There’s no feeling like owning someone.
And he belonged to me. Now there was this game of intrigues between us and I was the one
he decided to stay with. I won. She disappeared from our lives and everyone would think
that I would be celebrating. But I couldn’t. I missed her. Our machineries, our rivalry, even
the moments when we had heart to heart right on this very terrace.
I’m dialing her number. After a moment I hear her voice: “What’s going on that you’re
“You know, we understand each other,” I pause to have a sip of the wine, “Can you come

She doesn’t hesitate and she’s over within an hour.
„Would you like some?“ I’m pointing towards a bottle of wine.
„I can’t,“ she replies, pointing towards her stomach.
I get flushed, the anger is growing in me. She’s knocked up? I hope Filip isn’t the father.
Was it her pregnancy that was the real reason for our breakup?
She continues: „Filip didn’t want us to tell you until we reach an agreement.“
Tears come to my eyes: „I thought we were playing a fair game. You were supposed to
study him for your psychology essay and I for my novel. That bastard was supposed to be
subject of research and machinery. Making a baby is a little over the line, don’t you think?!“
„But we really fell in love.“
Immediately after she finishes the sentence, I almost laugh out loud and so does she.
„You got me,“ I admit with a smile.
„Pour me some wine. You think I wouldn’t be careful with that idiot? I’d rather cut that
baby out of my uterus myself,“ she laughs.
„If you wouldn’t, I would. I’m glad to see you.“
„Yes, two bitches found each other.“ We toast and I feel a relief, I’m not the only crazy one.
She’s here. She can also manipulate and doesn’t care about the others. The only thing I am
grateful for to Filip is that he brought us together. Birds of a feather flock together. We even
attract the same type of men. Her essay is finished and so is my novel. So we can embark on
another idiot. Or continue and lie to Filip about agreeing on living together. That would be a
show. Top of the intrigues.

Copyright © 2018. All rights reserved. Created by Tomáš Hlad.