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Welcome to my blog.

Here you can check examples of my work. 🙂

Coronavirus: 50 Fun Things to Do at Home


We all know the current situation so it’s probably unnecessary to make any long comments. Since most of us have to stay (or should stay) home, I prepared a list of activities which you can do from the comfort of your home. Negativity will not help anyone. Everything gets better with positive thinking. 1) Rest […]

Lust in the Whole Body


She opened her eyes as she just woke up from a dream full off virtuous orgies. She looked around, as if she was still in the dream, and took a deep breath, smiling. Did she even realize she was smiling? Was she even aware of what she’s doing? Everyone was naked, even her. Everyone was […]



5 paged excerpt from novel about creative writing. I will be happy to learn whether you’d like to finish the story until the end. It is very likely that I will have at it and turn the story into a book right after I finish my trilogy. Chapter 1 It’s the first time Anita hesitates […]



I’m saying my yes, I can’t wait until I pierce my new husband’s chest and cut his heart out. How degrading, standing here and playing smiling bride in front of such a bastard. I will have to take a bath in hard liquor to flush all this dirt off me. I hate him so much. […]



I am not a painter but a writer. Don’t expect any marvel, I just wanted to let my emotions out by a different mean than writing. These paintings were never planned, and I am very grateful for them. Painting is freeing and it always stimulates my creativity.   Stream of Destiny There are situations with […]



I’m sitting on a terrace, looking at the Prague at night and circling a glass of red wine. It’s not so long that I was sitting here with her. With the girl who was both close and stranger to me. For a moment I am considering not to start thinking like that. It is not […]

MAD MOMS – sample from the book


Chapter 1  „Sure, Snow White came back to life and agreed to marriage after a necrophile kissed her. Honey, I don’t know what kind of idiot wrote this thing but life’s not like that. Women do not come to life after being kissed. And then, getting married to someone who’s riding around the woods alone […]

Murder in Nová Bystřice – Based on real events from 1875


I have always craved love. However, now I’m losing hope. I’ve done everything I could.  I tried to be a good wife. It was no good. I cannot please Jindřich. I don’t know if I will find the courage to leave him. I’m scared that he’ll hurt me. That he’ll beat me like a dog. […]



Anita desired to love and to be loved. She wasn’t very lucky when it came to men. She was never loved. Until she met Karel. He was a man who respected her, praised her, flattered her, he listened to her and she listened to him. They spent many lovely moments together. They did not care […]

What can be done with just one right decision…


It’s finally Friday! After a very long time I will finally head into the vortex of the night Prague. Not that I want to, I would very much prefer to stay at home with a book in my hand, my friends, however, have been trying to make me go out for some time now and […]

Holiday among baboons


Every good parent wants what’s best for their child, don’t they? When the child’s crying, we comfort them. When they’re upset, we listen. When they don’t understand something, we explain. If they want something, we, within the bounds of possibility, grant it. And this can go on forever. We love our children and we would […]



Have you ever thought about time? About its true depth, about its true timing, principles, deception, speed, and such? I‘m sure most of you scratched the surface of these things as if you just got a splinter in the finger but a matter of fact is you should stab your palm. I once wrote that […]

Sample from the Strippers manual


Professional You: YES – Tact, flirting, responsiveness, willingness, kindness, understanding, support, offering, playfulness, creativity, selling, gratitude, strong-mindedness, straightforwardness. NO – Offensiveness, annoyance, boredom, bad humor. Repaying attacks when someone’s rude to you– no other clients around you want to see you shouting at someone or insulting them, even if you are in the right. Refusing […]

Stag parties – 30 opinions of Prague strippers about customers from England


1) The phrase that they’re gentlemen is long gone. In about 80% they’re all the same: “The more annoying I am, the better” 2) They’re one of my best customers. They know how to have fun. The young generation is rude and arrogant. They’re unchallenged pigs. The older generation is cool. They pay well and […]

THE BIG APPLE STRIPPERS – sample from the book


“You brushed me off in your last email, so of course I’m doing great,” I say with a biting chuckle. “That’s the best for everyone involved.” “Why?” “It’s just so,” he snubs me and goes down to the Lincoln Tunnel that separates Manhattan and Jersey. Now I get it. He’s taking me home. How can […]

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