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Have you ever thought about time? About its true depth, about its true timing, principles, deception, speed, and such? I‘m sure most of you scratched the surface of these things as if you just got a splinter in the finger but a matter of fact is you should stab your palm. I once wrote that […]

Sample from the Strippers manual


Professional You: YES – Tact, flirting, responsiveness, willingness, kindness, understanding, support, offering, playfulness, creativity, selling, gratitude, strong-mindedness, straightforwardness. NO – Offensiveness, annoyance, boredom, bad humor. Repaying attacks when someone’s rude to you– no other clients around you want to see you shouting at someone or insulting them, even if you are in the right. Refusing […]

Stag parties – 30 opinions of Prague strippers about customers from England


1) The phrase that they’re gentlemen is long gone. In about 80% they’re all the same: “The more annoying I am, the better” 2) They’re one of my best customers. They know how to have fun. The young generation is rude and arrogant. They’re unchallenged pigs. The older generation is cool. They pay well and […]

Sample from the book – The Big Apple Strippers


“You brushed me off in your last email, so of course I’m doing great,” I say with a biting chuckle. “That’s the best for everyone involved.” “Why?” “It’s just so,” he snubs me and goes down to the Lincoln Tunnel that separates Manhattan and Jersey. Now I get it. He’s taking me home. How can […]

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