BLOODY BRIDE - Alexandra K. Velika

Alexandra K. Velika




I’m saying my yes, I can’t wait until I pierce my new husband’s chest and cut his heart out.
How degrading, standing here and playing smiling bride in front of such a bastard. I will
have to take a bath in hard liquor to flush all this dirt off me. I hate him so much. The
feeling that this all is going to end soon is comforting. I have a clear plan. During our
wedding night, during our erotic revels, I will sit on his and whilst his weakest moment I
will take my sharp clip from my hair and that will be his end. I will literally cut his heart
out. While alive. No mercy. Let him suffer, son of a bitch. He ruined my life and I will
forever take his.
“Out of the power entrusted in me, I declare you husband and wife. You may now kiss the
bride,” says the dwarf-like priest and I have to force every cell in my body not to kill my
husband right here and now.
I cannot comprehend where Richard found such a priest. I am glad I had nothing to do with
the wedding preparations. Richard asked his secretary to do all this and she organized this
modest wedding very well. It’s great that he agreed not to invite our families and friends.
There are only his best man and my maid of honor. I couldn’t have chosen better. That lying,
designing bitch, his lover Tereza. I hope her heart will burst out of the jealousy she must be
“You looke great together. Congratulations,” she grins, showing off her teeth.
That fake bitch. I know very well she doesn’t wish anything good for us. I took him away
from her. I’m the wife of the one she loved so much. I want to laugh in her face, but I will
wait until I get rid of Richard. She’s the next in line.
“Thank you. We are truly happy with Richie. I am really glad we buried the hatchet. We
only knew he’d be with the right one. I hope you will find someone too and will not end up
alone,” I have an unnatural smile, but I don’t care.
She just smiles. What else can she do. She’s all alone and still has to suffer through our
wedding. Her affliction sets off my own inner fireworks of happiness. She deserves it. She
was fooling around with my man and literally destroyed my pink reality. She played my best

friend, lied to me, screwed my man, intrigued, made me herbal teas which caused me two
abortions. She made bastard out of the man of my heart. I now hate him just as much as I
hate my fucked up life. The two of them ruined me and I will soon ruin them. I don’t want to
live in the world where I breath the same air as them.
“Dance for bride and groom,” announces Iveta’s voice through the microphone.
With a victorious smile on my face I hug Richard. I can’t help myself as I almost laugh out
loud. I can feel Tereza hurt. Let the tears fall down her face. I would jump with happiness
“Can you calm down?” I hear my husband whisper in my ear.
“I am calm.”
“I can feel the gleeful pleasure. That’s not nice of you. You’ve got the wedding you wanted
so you can leave the intrigues and spite, don’t you think?”
“Absolutely. Don’t worry. You’re my husband now. Only mine. And no one else will every
have you.”
“I’m no actress,” I say as he tightly grips my hand, he probably wants to show off his power
over me.
“Neither am I,” he responds and I gently crush his palm in return.
“Your inner anger arouses me.”
“Then let’s go upstairs and let it out,” I whisper erotically.
Richard smiles in agreement. Fool. He has no idea that he’s gonna be six feet under in just a
moment. He lets go of me and winks at Iveta to set everything straight. Then says goodbye
to Tereza. I should join them.
“Thank you for coming. The dance was so passionate we want to get right to it,” I giggle and
try to drag Richard away from her.
“I understand. Enjoy yourselves,” says Tereza wishfully and surprisingly calmly.

We leave, hand in hand, for the honeymoon suite. Concern enters my conscience. Maybe we
really buried the hatchet. Maybe I just went crazy from hurt cause by their infidelity. Maybe
love could have been born out of all the hatred. Richard married me. That is his proof of
faith and devotion. It’s a promise, a commitment. This is the first time I begin to understand
I am not able to kill him. Maybe I love him. I have trouble understanding my own emotions.
We should have organized a big wedding to celebrate our love. I regret we snubbed it like
this. My emotions go from depression to gratefulness and hope. Everything will be ok. We
newlyweds. How could I be so crazy and plan a murder? I want to slap myself. Tears are
running down my face. The inner struggle of love and hatred puts me down. I’m
emotionally exhausted.
“What’s going on?” frowns Richard.
“I just realized how much I love you.”
He shuts the door of the honeymoon suite and laughs out loud. He scares me.
“Look, you bitch, I know everything.”
I’m startled. What does he know? Before I get a change to react, he goes on.
“You want to end me.”
“What? Richard, no, that’s not true. I would never do anything like that!”
“Of course you would, you whore. I read your diary. You’re obsessed with revenge,” he
reproaches contemptuously and opens the door to Tereza who has a gun in her hand.
“Welcome, love. You’re right on time,” he greets her with a kiss.
“What is going on,” I’m trying hard to stay calm but my whole body is shaking with both
anger and sadness.
Tereza laughs: “I will gladly explain. The two of us are in love. There’s true love between us
and you’re like a parasite that’s glued to Richard. He’s been with you only because of your
father’s company. But now he’s got his share and you’re useless. You’re trying to battle with
someone who has won already.”

“Wait, we have just got married. We’re newlyweds. I’m the one who one,” I defend myself
with tears in my eyes.
They both laugh. My world is falling apart.
“You really thought I would marry you? You wanted to kill me, you whore! The whole
wedding was a charade so I could get rid of you forever! End her,” he orders Tereza.
“Wait! It’s not what it looks like. The diary was only to vent out my disappointment. I would
never hurt you. I was planning on having my father sign the company over to you. It was
supposed to be newly-wed surprise. Richard, I know it has not always been ideal between us
but I wanted to give you offspring and stay with you in good and evil. Remember how happy
we were before Tereza came? She’s the cause of all the problems between us. If she
disappeared from our life, we would be happy again!”
“Offspring? You always miscarried on purpose! You drank all the tea that causes
miscarriage so you wouldn’t have to have a baby with me!”
“That’s a lie! I didn’t know what they would cause! It’s your wonderful Tereza that supplied
Richard looks at Tereza. Tears running down her cheeks.
“I couldn’t live knowing you would have a baby with her. You don’t belong together. You
belong with me!
“So it was you,” he blows wrathfully, “you killed my two children!”
Richard screams furiously and takes the gun out of her hands.
“We will do this differently. I’m tired of these games. Go ahead, kill her,” hands over the
revolver. “You’re right, we will be happy again once we get rid of her.”
Tereza wants to run away but Richard grabs her by her neck: “You’re gonna stay here and
you’re gonna die here.”
My hands are shaking. I cannot kill her. I hate her wholeheartedly. However, lot of the
blame is on Richard. He brought her into our lives.

“What are you waiting for? Shoot! She killed our children. She destroyed our love. End
Dear God! A shot! No! What have I done? I didn’t want to! The revolver shot on its own!
Tereza fell to the ground. There’s a big red pool forming around her body. I really killed her.
The gun drops down and I collapse mentally.
“Well done,” Richard praises me with a satisfied smile on his face.
I’m a murderer.
“I didn’t want this.”
“But yes, you did. It’s in you. You’re obsessed with revenge. I don’t want a girl like this.
You’re both crazy, deranged. I have never been your toy boy. You were only fighting for
me, not even knowing I love someone else.
“Iveta is my love. You two geese didn’t even notice. This phony wedding was arranged just
to get rid of both of you. I’m really happy your fingerprints are on the gun. Now it’s gonna
look as if you killed her first and then yourself. Your diary is a perfect proof of your
insanity. See you on the other side.”
Richard grabs my defenseless hand, puts the gun in it and puts it to my head. I don’t have
any strength at all. Bang. Bullet goes right through my brain.
My blood paints my wedding dress red. I’m like a vanilla ice cream dipped in strawberry
topping. I’m melting. All that’s left of me is a greasy sticky stain. I’m dying because a freak
made me a freak. I’m sorry, Terezka. And you, Richard, burn in hell.

Copyright © 2018. All rights reserved. Created by Tomáš Hlad.