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MAD MOMS  (In preparation)

Mini book full of cynicism, humor and themes for everyday and extraordinary mom.

What happens when fate brings together three different moms? The feminist, the scrupulous, and the bloggers will have to figure out how to get along in order to remedy what they caused in the kindergarten for chaos! Will they do it? Is there a little more in the situation or are these mothers on the head?

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A provocative story full of erotic tension reveals more than just naked bodies.

Ashley Cooper leaves for New York city to get a pause in her relationship with Dominik, the father of her daughter, and who had cheated on her. She travels to the big city with her daughter and brings along a nanny. She can’t wait to see her three friends who have been living in New York and see how their lives are. It turns out all three of them work as strippers and not unlike Ashley. The three friends show Ashley around. Neither of the three wants to be strippers their entire lives. Their common themes are men, love, relationships, fashions and plans for the future. Ashley loves her job but often wonders if she should start thinking about doing something else in life. Her hope is to find her true love and passion. She succumbs to the seduction of James Black, who she wonders if she is opening herself too much to. Ashley’s biological father, who doesn’t yet know about her, lives somewhere in the Upper Westside. Ashley finds her love in New York and begins to believe that impossible can be possible. Dominik arrives in New York and replaces the nanny. This creates a dilemma; will she return to Dominik or would she succumb to the physical attraction she has with James. Will New York fulfill her dreams or will she hit rock bottom?

Sample from the book:

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