Strippers manual - Alexandra K. Velika

Alexandra K. Velika



Strippers manual

About this book

This manual is intended for strippers who want to improve their performance and leave the club every morning with a full wallet and a broad smile on their faces. Those of you who are already professionals can read this book just for fun or in order to improve your sales strategy. There is a proverb stating that no man is born wise. And it’s true. Almost every job or business requires suitable training. Unfortunately, in the “stripping business” most ladies need to teach themselves. Which is not the ideal solution, at least in some cases. This book will help you by providing the training. Sometimes all that needs to be done is to change or improve a few details and things will suddenly go smoothly. In this Manual, you will be advised on how to sell more dances and how the words such as NO or LATER can turn into MORE. You’ll be the one to say: “Sorry, maybe later. I’m busy now.”

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