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Coronavirus: 50 Fun Things to Do at Home

We all know the current situation so it’s probably unnecessary to make any long comments. Since most of us have to stay (or should stay) home, I prepared a list of activities which you can do from the comfort of your home. Negativity will not help anyone. Everything gets better with positive thinking.

1) Rest – It’s finally that time when you do not have to chase anything so take a while and sit down and just enjoy it. You deserve to rest for a change!

2) Spend time with your kids – You finally have more time for them. If you do not have any, dedicate this time to yourself or the ones who need you.

3) Exercise – You do not have to have a gym in your house to work out. Many exercises do not require any tools at all. And for weights you can use bottles of water for example.

4) Get some sleep – Sleep is very important and brings a lot of benefits (I recommend book ‘Why we sleep’). Now you have the chance to stick to sleep schedule so take advantage of it.

5) Try new recipes – You can check out cookbooks that you have not opened for a long time. If you do not have any, the internet is full of great recipes. What would you like to cook?

6) Paint a picture – Let the creativity flow through you and paint something that captures your mood.

7) Buy something on-line – Treat yourself to something small. It’s good to reward yourself. You can also buy a gift for someone you care about.

8) Send out your CV and look for new job opportunities if you’re not happy at your current workplace or if you do not have it.

9) Plan your future – What is on your To-Do list for this year? What is important for you?

10) Read a book – It will pull you into a story. Books are the best way to take your mind off things.

11) Listen to an audiobook – The great advantage here that whilst listening to audiobook you can cook, tidy up, or do anything else.

12) Tidy up – It is the best time for spring cleaning.

13) Play board games – If you do not own any, just make one up or play Country City Name Animal Thing or Word Soccer.

14) Watch a movie – Peace, movie, and popcorn. Almost like being in the cinema.

15) Binge watching – that’s a great way to waste some time.

16) Playstation games – If you want distract your man for the whole time of the quarantine, get him some Fortnite, FIFA, or Call of Duty.

17) Video calls with the ones you care about. Call your family, your friends and find out what they’re up to and if they need anything.

18) Try meditation – Meditation is a way to happiness and inner piece.

19) Take a nice picture – Right now pictures with masks are in. You can take a picture just for yourself to find out what you like about yourself or if you’d like to improve something.

20) Take a hot bath – Then add a glass of wine or a cup of relaxation tea, scented foam, romantic music and your muscles will nicely relax.

21) Beautify yourself – You finally have time for regular homemade face masks, hair masks, body peelings and so  on.

22) Make your own surgical mask – For yourself and for others.

23) Fold a puzzle – The harder the more time you will spend with them. The reward will be a beautiful picture that you can frame.

24) Bake a cake or a pie – Which pie do you order most often in a confectionary? Maybe it’s time you try to bake it yourself.

25) Learn to mix cocktails so they are irresistible. No two cosmopolitans are the same. Teetotalers can try non alcoholic versions or healthy  fresh juices.  

26) Write down everything you want from life and what steps you have to take in order to do it.

27) Make a list of your own positive and negative qualities – It’s good to work on yourself, know yourself, and keep getting better. 

28) Do home degustation – It doesn’t have to do anything with wine, you can try several types of cheese, olives, or other delicacies.

29) Get better at something – For example in your favorite activity.

30) Think about yourself and  evaluate your life so far. Maybe it’s time for minor or even radical changes.

31) Treat yourself to a massage – If you have someone home you can take turns. Or you can just treat yourself to one – feet massage.

32) Organize your wardrobe – Spring is here and then summer too. It’s time to put winter clothes aside. You can give the pieces you do not use to someone or you can make masks out of them.

33) Treat yourself to a diet day – Or three days. Spring is ideal for a cleanse.

34) Find your favorite quote and motivate yourself. There’s strength in motivation.

35) Read about lives of your favorite celebrities – You can find inspiration in that and you will have overview.

36) Have you tried making homemade ice-creams? It’s not hard, it’s good and you know what’s in them.

37) Feng shui – Check if your home is correctly organized. Now you have time shuffle everything up.

38) Home decorations and details – Details matter. You can decorate your house creatively.

39) Learn something new – There’s plenty of on-line classes. It’s only up to you on what you want to spend your energy.

40) Read a magazine – Newsstand are not closed, at least not yet. If they do, many magazines are online.

41) Watch your favorite TV show – Ellen, Kazma, Kraus – at your will. They always entertain me.

42) Time for gratitude – Make a list of things you’re grateful for.

43) Solve a crossword puzzle – You’ll learn whether you have general knowledge, it will distract you and maybe you’ll even win something.

44) Paint the walls of your house or at least some of it.

45) Plant some flowers or other greenery. You can decorate your terrace / balcony / front yard with them.

46) Sing your favorite song or try karaoke.

47) Dance. Movement is important.

48) Sort out your mobile applications. It’s cool to have things in order.

49) Strengthen your immunity – Find some tips on how to strengthen your immune system and share them with others.

50) Still bored? Then I have a challenge for you. Send mi 50 more tips on how to spend your free time at home. Or do something more meaningful. Become a volunteer!

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