Lover - Alexandra K. Velika

Alexandra K. Velika




Anita desired to love and to be loved. She wasn’t very lucky when it came to men. She was never loved. Until she met Karel. He was a man who respected her, praised her, flattered her, he listened to her and she listened to him. They spent many lovely moments together. They did not care about their duties, concerns, nothing too seriuos. They lived in the moment and that’s why they were able to keep their relationship blossoming. However, there was a catch. Karel was married.

Being a lover had plenty of advantages. Anita did not have to clean up after him, cook for him, force him into everyday chores, or scold him. She also has not seen him doing the things after which women lose illusions about their men. He did not fart in front of her, did not burp, didn’t squeeze his pimples, nothing that would make her sick. He was always perfect, charming, and knew what was appropriate. She was given presents, they were not spending much time together, but it was always a quality time. Isn’t that ideal? Anita did not think so. She was craving what other men have at home. Falling asleep and waking up next to the same woman. She usually wakes up alone. When she’s not with him, she usually only thinks about what he’s doing and why the hell is he still with his wife when he’s cheating on her anyway? He’s showing her she’s the better one for him. So why does he has to go back home?

Then there’s also the time when Anita’s tired of the game. She wants to be unique. She doesn’t want to be the one filling in his time that is not as beautiful as it used to. Before, it had a spark, but all of a sudden, it’s old and played out. Maybe it would change if he was with her? She’s living this thought and succumbs to her imagination. She’s leaving her footprints. She wants to put a wedge between him and his wife. What would she look like if she left her undies? She can explain to Kája. She will say she was so fired up she forgot. She will undermine the trust of their marriage which will make her happy. She does not realize that if she leaves too many of these souvenirs and there will be too many of these hints it will also undermine the trust between her and Karel.

Karel eventually finds out what is going on. He’s in a high position and as a politician he cannot afford to be discredited. Suddenly, Anita is not a distraction but a problem. He needs to end this in a smart way. Of course, if he does not do it in a smart way, Anita’s anger can not only ruin his marriage, but also his career. What could he do about that?

He’s making excuses, acting like a coward who cannot say enough. He’s claiming he doesn’t have time and he needs to quit the secret meetings. 

Well, well. You cannot get rid of me so easily. Anita’s thinking. So she takes to extortion. “I have our photographs. I can show them to everybody.”

“You wouldn’t dare”

“Oh yes, I would. You’re breaking my heart. I live for you and you’re still getting it on with your wife and now you want to cut me off? You cannot do that!”

“Can you even hear yourself? I’m getting it on? You were getting it on with me, honey.”

“Because I loved you. I believed all your talk about love. And now you want to make me look like the bad one?” There are tears streaming down her face.

Karel is looking aggrieved: “Just deal with it. It’s over. And if you make something public it will not make you any good. You will not do that. At least out of respect for me.”

He left. Anita’s having a meltdown. How could she ever trust a married man? Was she really that desperate. She doesn’t have anyone. She doesn’t have anything. She only had belief in love and hope that it would work out between them and she would finally be happy. He claimed to be the happiest when he’s with her. How can he leave her so fast? And why does it hurt so bad?

Anita is determined to leave it like that and she goes to talk to his wife. Surprisingly, his wife is calm.

“I know about everything. Don’t take it the wrong way but it’s possible you just started boring him. You know, we’re only having a show off relationship. It’s necessary prior to the elections. I have my own secret partner, you were his. Now he changed you for someone else and you’ll just have to deal with it. That’s life.”

“What? He has someone else? He can’t!”

“Be a grown up,” she laughs and closes the door.

However, Anita’s not going anywhere. She waits for Karel to come back to his wife like a good dog. After a couple of hours he’s here. She’s asking him if it’s true and he confesses. He doesn’t have a speck of respect in his voice, only pride and contempt. When she tries to stop him, he slaps her. His wife opens the door and takes him inside.

“Leave her be. Stupid cow. She’s only good for trouble.”

Anita’s broken hearted, she feels defeated and deceived. Luckily, she recorded the whole interview with Karel and his wife and she’s determined to give it to the police and newspaper. Police is apathetic to her. She does not have a proof that Karel hit her. She thought her statement would be enough. She was wrong. And then having a lover is not against the law. She gets laughed at. When she goes to the newspaper it gets swept off the table. That’s a mystery. It should be a media hit. He’s a public person! That would probably be a work of Karel’s connections. One of the media guys takes her recordings and breaks them. Unfortunately, she had never made any copies. Now she doesn’t have anything. It does not make sense to crave revenge, she has already lost. So she sat down and started crying. The world is not a fair place, men are bastards, and how was she not supposed to start with a married man who has so much?

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