Murder in Nová Bystřice – Based on real events from 1875 - Alexandra K. Velika

Alexandra K. Velika



Murder in Nová Bystřice – Based on real events from 1875

I have always craved love. However, now I’m losing hope. I’ve done everything I could.  I tried to be a good wife. It was no good. I cannot please Jindřich. I don’t know if I will find the courage to leave him. I’m scared that he’ll hurt me. That he’ll beat me like a dog. It wouldn’t be the first and I’m sure not even the last. Oh no, he’s back. Late and drunk again

 „Marie! You poor bitch! What have you been doing all day that hot dinner is not ready yet?!“ he screams. He smells of licquor. He’s tottering…

„Can you speak, you lazy goose?“

„Stop screaming, you’ll wake up the baby. Your dinner was ready but…,“ I’m starting to realize that the cup has actually overflowed long time ago. I need to go away from him. „I can’t do this anymore. I have to leave you. “

I’m glad I got it out. Please, God, don’t let him beat me.

„You’re not leaving anybody! You’re mine! You’ll serve only me! You’re my wife and you’ll stay that way. You can’t leave. You wouldn’t be able to support yourself. “

Before I regain the strength, our son is entering the room and I’ll sigh in releaf. I don’t think he would lay a hand on me before him. Jindřich is gazing into my eyes and I know it’s not good. This will get ugly. What I have put in the marriage got back to me in the form of ingratitude. How big is the pain that I hold inside of me. I have to leave. I have to disappear from his life. Start again.

Even though I usually do not go to church on Tuesdays, I will make an exception. I want to go for a walk with my younger sister and tell her about me leaving my husband. Whilst picking up my sister and giving my son to my mom, Jindřich shows up. He was supposed to be at work. What does he want? His presence is unsettling. 

“I’ll go to church with you. It’s about time to make a beautiful day. We’ve been neglecting our relationship for a long time,” he bares his yellow teeth and I don’t understanding what he’s on about. I will not change my mind just because of one day. It would be silly to ask him to leave in front of my sister so we’ll just have to tolerate his company.

I don’t know what is going on in his head. He’s watching me. I guess he’s afraid I would tell someone about my plan to leave him. He doesn’t care about me, he’s worried about his reputation. That is, however, what’s driving me to leave him even more. I stopped believing in love because of him and I hate him for it. He’s acting all cool, smiling. I can’t stand this sort of hypocrisy. We need to end this as soon as possible. My sister understands that I need to be alone with him so she’s going back to Rottal sooner. I will speak to him and it’ll be all over. I will be free. I will finally be able to breatch. Jindřich is taking my hand and leading me to the side road through Red river. We’re sitting down close to the shore and I’m ready to explain that he does not need to try anymore.

“Are you really gonna leave me?” he’s asking as if it wasn’t clear enough.

“Yes. I can’t go on like this. It will be better for all of us.”

“And what about our son?”

“I’ll leave him with you. At least until I’m able to take care of myself.”

“You really want me to take care of that bastard?!”

“Jindřich, he’s your son as well and I need some time to…,” but he didn’t even let me finish that sentence. He put a knife right throu my throat. Life was leaving my body. It fell down on the ground and my just widowed husband threw it face down into the river. He should be ashamed of himself. He looks abashed, it’s clear that this is his end as well. Everyone knew about our disputes. Nobody will ever believe he’s not my killer. He’s running towards my mom, trying to look calmer than he actually is.

“Mother, have you seen Marie?” That bastard didn’t even stutter.

“But she was with you…”

“She wasn’t, she left shortly after her sister.”

“I saw you. You were by the meadows, going towards the Red river.”

“No. No. You must be mistaken,” they argue and I’m happy he’s in trouble. He cannot cheat my mom.

Mom quickly ran for magistrate who gathered the whole town. Everyone’s looking for me. Yes, they found me. Unfortunate. Cold. Dead. Jindřich is lost for words so they take him to jail in Nová Bystřice. He cannot sleep. I’m here with him. I don’t want to watch crying parents, sister, son, or my friends. I want to wach my murder’s remorse. I know he can feel my presence and that won’t let him sleep. Good.

Next morning the gendarmes bring him to the morgue. Here I am again.

“Just look at what’s left of me. Piece of rotting meat, a carcass,” I hope there’s some kind of vibrations with which I can be heard by his conscience. 

“I admit it. I killed her. It was as If I lost my senses,” he admitted to the judge in the morgue and then to the jury at the court of law. He argued that he had a mental breakdown. What a cowardly excuse. They sentenced him to death by handing. He cannot die. I don’t want him on the other side with me. Let him suffer through his messed up life where he is. Please let the emperor grant him mercy. Franz Josef I pardoned him and at last, I can enjoy Jindřich’s suffering at last. 

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