PAINTINGS - Alexandra K. Velika

Alexandra K. Velika




I am not a painter but a writer. Don’t expect any marvel, I just wanted to let my emotions
out by a different mean than writing. These paintings were never planned, and I am very
grateful for them. Painting is freeing and it always stimulates my creativity.


Stream of Destiny

There are situations with no win scenario. You can try all you want but sometimes even you
meet a trial of trial which will show your true character. No one is infallible and no one is
blameless. All you have to do is act on your best intentions, with your whole sole in it. That
will set you free…

I’m everywhere and nowhere. I have a lot of worlds inside of me. Colorful and colorless.
They blend into each other, even though it is not logically possible. There’s everything
inside of them all at once and also almost nothing at all. There’s salvation in present…

Blue Heart

It beats so it’s alive. Blue streams flowing from the heart to spoken sentences shows the
authenticity of your desires. All in good faith. It’s hard for the heart to turn blue. You will
gain the aristocratic blood when you purify yourself and find the true reason to love.

Lunar Woman

Lunar woman will not bow down. They will never catch her. There’s a motivation that none
of the poor creatures possess. There’s a hidden strength in her mind where she won’t let
anyone in. Good for her. Warriors handcuff her. They drag her by her feet, her hands, even
by her neck. But she’s standing still, making nothing but a room for laughter out of their
endeavor. She does not have a mind as dark as those puny men. Her mind heads towards the
space above. Millions of fish swim through her body where they cannot be seen. Those who
see them cease to exist. You do not wish to anger her. Do not wish to see the fish of the
lunar woman. She will seize control over you and then you will move your puny vibrations
to other heights or lowlands. That would be up to you.


They enter your minds and whisper. They use the darkest ailments of the corners of your
mind against you. They use your own body for things you yourself do not agree with. All
that will be left of you is resistance and desperation. Deep depression will want to take you
over and destroy you. Scream, don’t let it. You cannot let it bottle up. You have to scream
and let it out of all the corners inside of you. If you do not do it it will use its beak to peck
your brains and then all your physical body. You do not want to see through the eyes of the
whisperers. Let some light in. They do not want to let it in, but you must defend yourself. It
is your life. You make your own destiny. They are nothing but parasites that you ought to
get rid of! Light, music, and streams of hope will help you…

Train of Happiness

You are finally loved. You have love that you deserve. Rainbow colors of life surround you
and fill you with happiness. They enter your core and you are joyful! Spin the rainbow train
and wrap it around everybody nearby. Or touch them at least. Every touch with a flow of
happiness is a meaning of being, living, and loving…

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