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Stag parties – 30 opinions of Prague strippers about customers from England

1) The phrase that they’re gentlemen is long gone. In about 80% they’re all the same: “The more annoying I am, the better”

2) They’re one of my best customers. They know how to have fun. The young generation is rude and arrogant. They’re unchallenged pigs. The older generation is cool. They pay well and know how to treat women. They know how to financially appraise your time when they like the girl.

3) They’re arrogant and not willing to adapt in terms of language. Scottish or Irish are patient in terms of language barrier. I really don’t like Englishmen. They don’t know how to be gentlemen. They wear the one and the same shirt three days straight.

4) Pigs that don’t know how to treat women. Curmudgeons.

5) They have dirty underwear, small penises, they swear in front of the girls and make mess around Prague.

6) I like them. They don’t ask too many questions and give me money straight away. They understand it’s our job. Well, apart from the drunk ones.

7) There’s not many nations that travel in such big groups. I am neutral towards them. When they’re acting like idiots, I ignore them. When they’re polite, I give them some of my time.

8) They’re well educated. Unlike Czechs, they’re real men. Czechs act like girls most of the time. They’re not cheapskates.

9) I love them the best. They’re honest, friendly, fun to be around. I have one at home and I wouldn’t change them for the world.

10) They’re people who have money. I like they’re sense of humor. They have a beautiful country, apart from the blacks they got there. I am not happy about their political situation.

11) Most of all – they’re gentlemen. They pay for what they start. They’re one of the most polite clients. They’re decorous, especially at the beginning when they’re unsure of what they can afford.

12) They’re extremists. I have both the most beautiful and the most awful memories of them. They either don’t have respect and don’t know where to stop, or they’re absolutely wonderful. They know how to have fun but don’t know when to stop. At the beginning, they’re so-so but when the alcohol kicks in, they start having fun. However, they need to stop drinking in time or they’re disastrous. From one extreme to the other. I like them, though, I’m also a kind of extremist.

13) They’re ready for us like 18-year-old cuckoos. Probably because English girls are ugly and don’t know how to make up and dress up. They need some serious help. I understand Englishman worse than Americans so I have good experiences with them. Sometimes it’s just better not to understand what they’re talking about.

14) Absolute idiots. They have some really weird “fun” things to say. I don’t get it. They drink and have way too much fun. I don’t think highly of them.

15) They know how to have fun out of England. Well, at least in the Czech Republic. They see Prague as a fun-house, stag shows, booze, and women. Barely anybody comes to visit friends. In London, they keep to themselves, not so much in small towns. They’re dull because they live in a kingdom. Poor people can have fun anywhere, not them. Not them, when they’re home they snobs who don’t know how to loosen up.

16) I don’t talk to them, I don’t like them. It bothers me, to talk to them.

17) I like them. They can be pigs but you can work with them.

18) Awful, I don’t like them. They’re loud and uneducated.

19) They’re showing off in front of their friends. It’s like a competition – which is gonna get the biggest asshole.

20) They usually have small penises. Not that I’d examine them myself but when we see them on the podium during their stag shows, it’s usually pretty saddening. They usually pay as a group, not individuals. They’re easy to utilize.

21) I like them, they’re simple. To seduce them I can just make noises instead of talking and wave my hands around. They usually have money in their boots.

22) They’re scared of women, they’re afraid of them so they behave. I like that. But here they’re usually like pigs. In England they’re well behaved, I love them there.

23) They’re yokels. They don’t know how to treat women. However, they pay well once drunk.

24) I don’t like anybody.

25) They’re assholes. They think we’ll be all over them.26) Shrugs.  

27) Curmudgeons. They don’t leave any tips, they’re loud and when they’re drunk they’re impossible to understand.

28) I love them. I am lucky for them.

29) I avoid them. But if anyone is come for me, I am nice. 

30) Drunk, but the are funny. 




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