THOUGHT ABOUT TIME - Alexandra K. Velika

Alexandra K. Velika




Have you ever thought about time? About its true depth, about its true timing, principles, deception, speed, and such? I‘m sure most of you scratched the surface of these things as if you just got a splinter in the finger but a matter of fact is you should stab your palm. I once wrote that time really does not exist, that people just are and then disappear, that time actually cannot be because it never started and will never end. I meant that allegorically. The way people here on Earth thing about time, it is very simple. They just calculate the time it takes the Earth to turn around its axis, the time it takes the Moon to run its course, the time it take the Earth to turn around the Sun. Then we make minutes, ours, days, weeks, months, and years out of that… But what does that have to do with real time? This time is only approximate, incomplete fraction in a regular interval. Clocks, a machine which is set to run around in a regular time. However, that has nothing to do with the real time, “Atum.” Time is irregular and infinite. The clock does not say anything to us about that. They stop but the time still goes on. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower in its infinitude there and back and around. That time is permanent is just a misconception. Time is like a liquid that evaporates and becomes liquid again. That’s what time really looks like. Sometimes we feel like the time is literally running by, other times, it s like it is just dragging on. And it does not always depend on the circumstances, on being bored and such… Not everyone feels it the same way. Our minds are trying to live in collective human time and are living by it. I admit that if we were to live outside of it, it would start chaos. And not everyone has a deep enough mind to accept time “Atum.” Atum is a latin word which meaning is not really clear. The word itself means “complete,” “non-existant,” “everything,” “indifferent,” “nothing,” “completion,” and others. If you see the connection between these words, you are closer to understanding. Someone once said that it is an angel Eth who is commanding the time and that it’s actually dripping within his hands. Can you imagine that? Can you see the connection with “Atum” time? If you said yes, you opened the doors to existence and non-existence. Can people acknowledge the time between present and near future, which becomes past right away? Don’t you feel like it’s all blending together? Even one thought stretches over all three in a single moment. Unfortunately, most people can only imagine that for a longer period of time; they’ll think of yesterday as past, today as present, and tomorrow as future. But then again – what is “now”? It takes just saying it out loud and deep inside you can feel the move. People tend to say that time means different things for different people. Whether you ask someone, who missed his flight by a minute, or a schoolboy who failed his retake test and so lost the whole year. The true time, however, does not have mcuh to do with all this. Inside, it’s still us, and the time will still be here, even if we miss a plane, or even if we fail a retake test. It’s about the circumstances, not time. Time is the most precious thing we’ve got. In it, we can keep love, memories, mind, health, likeness, everything. Time should be used as if we’re expecting it to stop any moment. It should be used wisely, with good intentions. It will all come back to you. In the end, I’d like to say that whoever can understand depth and realness of time “Atum,” can also understand most allegories and events around us.

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